The reason you should choose 247 Fulfillment to fulfill your eCommerce orders is because it's founded by 2 entrepreneurs that run their own eCommerce businesses, and sell on multiple different marketplaces including Amazon, Wish & eBay. 

We know how important it is to fulfill orders quickly, without mistakes. We also know how important good tracking numbers are (PayPal holds anyone?). If you're not fulfilling your orders properly, and giving the best experience possible in the logistics & shipping process - you're asking for chargebacks, tons of customer complaints, and inevitably a failed business. 

Because we have been involved in eCommerce for 5 years, and have fulfilled thousands of orders on our own, we know exactly what you're looking for when it comes to a shipping & logistics solution. You need:

- Hassle-free inventory management. You want to send us your inventory, wherever it's coming from, and have us stock it for you.

- Fast Order Fulfillment. You want it shipped out quickly, preferably the same day. 

- Clean & Valid Tracking Numbers. You want good tracking numbers, where you can see it move from start to finish. Not only for you, but also for your customer. Buyers can get nervous if you're a new online store, or if your goods are high-priced. Easy to understand tracking numbers from reputable sources cut your customer service problems, and ensure confident repeat customers. Also, don't forget that PayPal accounts, for example, hold your money if you're not giving good tracking numbers. And, if you ever get a chargeback, an order with good tracking information will keep you on the winning side.

- Transparent pricing & no games. I have cold called businesses over and over, and they always tell me about how their 3PL screwed them over at the end of the month with random charges that they didn't expect. While it's easy to say we're honest, we strive to maintain integrity with customers, and if that means being transparent about markups, margins, fees, then it's a necessary step we have to take. For example, we charge $2.30 for pick & pack fees, and $0.50 extra per item in the order. Of course, if your items require extra support/customization/handling/heavy weight - then the fee ranges to ensure you get the best service possible.

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