Ship to the U.S. from Canada and save up to 76% on shipping

National carriers like Canada Post and UPS charge ridiculous fees to get your orders to your U.S. customers from Canada. Save up to 76% with 247's direct relationships with U.S. carriers.

247's Canadian warehouses are close to the US, making it easy to offer the same quick fulfillment that your customers are used to – there’s no loss in transit time and you'll save on shipping because you’ll still be using 247's U.S. domestic and aggressive rates.

How exactly does Section 321 fulfillment work? Keep reading.

Benefits of shipping to the U.S. from Canada via Section 321 fulfillment

Reclaim your import duties using Section 321 fulfillment from Canada to the U.S.

Canada has numerous preferential trade agreements, particularly with Asian countries, that result in lower, or in some cases no duties. By importing your products into Canada, you could save thousands on import fees.

Yes, you'll have to pay import fees to get your products into Canada, but you can reclaim any import duties paid for product you imported into Canada and then shipped to a U.S. customer.

Then, you can fulfill U.S. orders directly from Canada using Section 321 at no extra cost or loss in shipping speed.

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