Ship DDP Internationally from 1 location

Ship internationally from our fulfillment center in Canada, hassle-free. By offering a DDP option to your customers, you can ship your packages around the world while maintaining the same great customer experience you're known for.

DDP shipping allows you to leverage our aggressive carrier rates and deliver worldwide without opening locations in your most popular destination countries.

How can you ship DDP with 247 Fulfillment?

Getting started with DDP shipping is as easy as 3 simple steps:

Benefits of shipping DDP

IMprove international customer experience and loyalty with DDP shipping

You already did all the hard work. You made the product, acquired the customer and now it's time to deliver their order. The easiest way to leave a bad taste in your customers' mouths is to surprise them with duties charges before delivery.

Several brands have leveraged our DDP shipping options to ensure a smooth delivery experience for their customers. Happier customers means better retention and loyalty, helping you unlock incremental revenue in global markets.

Understanding Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping: A Comprehensive Guide for eCommerce Businesses

In the world of global commerce, shipping methods can make or break your business. They ultimately decide your customer's experience with your brands. Slow shipping can tarnish your brand reputation. At the same time, surprise customs and duties can upset your customers, leaving a bad taste in their mouth before they receive your product.

One of the most advantageous methods is DDP shipping (Delivered Duty Paid). This article explores what DDP shipping is, its benefits, drawbacks, and how it compares to DDU shipping.

What is DDP Shipping?

DDP shipping, or Delivered Duty Paid, is a shipping method where the seller assumes all responsibility and risks until the goods are delivered to the buyer's location. This includes shipping costs, duties, and taxes. Essentially, with DDP shipping, the seller handles everything from the point of origin to the final destination.

Different countries have different import regulations. Often, there is a cost associated with importing a product, which has to be paid by either the seller or the end customer.

How Does DDP Shipping Work?

In DDP shipping, the seller manages all aspects of the shipment, including:

  • Export customs clearance
  • Transportation
  • Import duties and taxes
  • Delivery to the buyer’s doorstep

This comprehensive approach makes DDP shipping highly convenient for buyers, who do not need to worry about any additional fees or processes.

Benefits of DDP Shipping

  1. Simplified Process for Buyers: With DDP shipping, buyers receive their goods without dealing with customs procedures or paying extra charges upon arrival.
  2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Since all costs are covered upfront, there are no hidden fees, leading to happier customers.
  3. Reduced Risk of Delays: Because the seller manages customs clearance and delivery, there is a lower risk of shipment delays.
  4. Clear Cost Structure: DDP shipping offers a transparent cost structure, making budgeting easier for businesses.

Drawbacks of DDP Shipping

  1. Higher Costs for Sellers: The comprehensive nature of DDP shipping means higher costs for sellers, who must cover duties, taxes, and shipping fees.
  2. Complexity for Sellers: Sellers must navigate and comply with various countries' customs regulations, which can be complex and time-consuming.
  3. Risk of Underestimation: If the seller underestimates duties and taxes, it can lead to unexpected costs and potential disputes.

DDP Shipping vs. DDU Shipping

Understanding the differences between DDP shipping and DDU shipping (Delivered Duty Unpaid) is crucial for making an informed decision.

DDP Shipping
DDU Shipping
Cost Responsibility
Seller pays all duties, taxes, and fees Buyer pays duties, taxes, and fees
Customs Handling
Handled by the carrier Handled by the destination country’s post office
Risk of Delays
Lower, as the seller manages everything Higher, due to potential customs delays
Customer Convenience
Higher, no additional costs for buyers Lower, buyers must handle and pay for duties
Shipping Costs
Higher for sellers Lower for sellers
Clear total cost upfront Possible hidden fees upon delivery

Why Choose DDP Shipping?

Choosing DDP shipping can significantly enhance your customer experience. Here’s why:

  1. Customer Convenience: By opting for DDP shipping, you eliminate the hassle for your customers, making their shopping experience seamless.
  2. Predictability: Both you and your customers know the total cost upfront, avoiding any unpleasant surprises.
  3. Global Reach: DDP shipping allows you to cater to international customers efficiently, breaking down barriers to global trade.

Implementing DDP Shipping in Your Business

If you’re considering implementing DDP shipping in your business, follow these steps:

  1. Partner with Reliable Carriers: Choose carriers experienced in handling DDP shipping to ensure smooth operations.
  2. Understand Customs Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the customs regulations of the countries you’re shipping to, or work with a 3PL that can handle this.
  3. Accurate Cost Estimation: Ensure accurate estimation of duties and taxes to avoid unexpected costs.
  4. Transparent Communication: Clearly communicate the benefits of DDP shipping to your customers to enhance their shopping experience.


DDP shipping is an excellent choice for businesses looking to provide a hassle-free, predictable, and customer-friendly shipping option. While it involves higher costs and complexity for the seller, the benefits for customer satisfaction and global reach make it a worthwhile investment. By understanding and implementing DDP shipping, you can enhance your business's efficiency and customer loyalty.

Realistically, you cannot have a warehouse in every single country you ship to. eCommerce has become borderless, which means you can leverage strategies like DDP shipping to deliver the same excellent experience to your customer regardless of where they are located.

If you’re ready to take your shipping strategy to the next level, consider incorporating DDP shipping into your logistics plan. The convenience and peace of mind it offers to your customers can set your business apart in the competitive global market.

At 247 Fulfillment, we offer our clients the option to choose the shipping method they want for their customers. Of these, we have a DDP shipping option, worldwide.

FAQ About DDP Shipping

DDP shipping, or Delivered Duty Paid, is a shipping method where the brand takes full responsibility for any costs associated with delivering goods to the customer. This includes shipping costs, duties, taxes, and customs clearance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the buyer.

DDP shipping benefits your customers by providing a simple and transparent buying experience. Customers receive their goods without any hidden fees or unexpected charges when their order reaches the destination country, as all duties and taxes are prepaid by the brand. The last thing you want is a poor delivery experience after you went through the hard work of getting the sale.

While DDP shipping offers many benefits, it can be more costly and complex for the Brand. Brands are responsible for paying all duties and taxes upfront and must navigate various customs regulations. However, these challenges are often outweighed by the improved customer experience and potential for increased sales.

Partnering with experts like 247 Fulfillment simplifies this process - we handle all the upfront work, paperwork and navigate customs for you.

DDP shipping differs from DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) shipping in that the brand covers all costs, including duties and taxes, while in DDU shipping, the buyer is responsible for these fees.

If you were to send a package DDU, once the package reaches the destination country, the post office would reach out to your customer to collect their duties and any associated tariffs and processing fees.

DDP shipping provides a more predictable and convenient experience for customers, whereas DDU shipping may result in unexpected costs for the buyer upon delivery.

DDU that isn't made clear at checkout often results in upset customers, which can hurt brand loyalty and customer retention.

It depends. DDP shipping can be used for most international shipments, but it is essential to check the regulations of the destination country. Some countries may have specific rules or restrictions regarding DDP shipping. When partnering with 247 Fulfillment, we let you know which countries offer DDP shipping so you can communicate that to your customers.

To implement DDP shipping, partner with reliable carriers who offer this service, understand the customs regulations of your target markets, and accurately estimate duties and taxes. Clear communication with your customers about the benefits of DDP shipping is also crucial.

As a client of 247 Fulfillment, we can help you implement DDP shipping.

DDP shipping can be more expensive for you, as it includes all duties, taxes, and shipping fees.

Estimating duties and taxes for DDP shipping requires understanding the customs regulations of the destination country, including applicable tariffs and fees.

Using tools like HS codes (Harmonized System codes) can help classify products and determine the correct duties.

Partnering with an experienced 3PL like 247 Fulfillment to help you navigate DDP shipping can reduce some of your workload when estimating associated fees.

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