Shipping Cost Calculator

Shipping Cost Calculator

DISCLAIMER: This calculator provides estimated costs. Actual charges may vary based on specific requirements.

FAQ About Shipping from Canada to the US

Shipping from Canada to the US involves several steps:

1. Order Processing: Receiving and processing your customers' order.

2. Packaging: Preparing the items securely for shipment based on your packaging requirements (sustainable, custom etc.).

3. Labeling: Generating and attaching shipping labels with the correct information and the appropriate carrier.

4. Customs Documentation: Preparing necessary customs paperwork to ensure smooth border crossing via Section 321 Fulfillment.

5. Carrier Handoff: Handing over the package to the chosen shipping carrier to take your package across the border (daily) and hand off to a local national carrier like USPS.

We offer aggressive, deeply discounted shipping rates from Canada to the US due to:

1. Bulk Shipping Discounts: Negotiating bulk shipping rates with carriers. Because we send thousands of packages to the US daily, we get deeply discounted shipping rates with savings that we can pass on to you.

2. Optimized Routes: Utilizing efficient shipping routes and consolidation centers within Canada and the US to decrease costs and shipping times.

3. Customs Expertise: Streamlining customs procedures to avoid delays and additional costs via Section 321 fulfillment. We process this paperwork daily, every day, meaning our team is well-equipped to ensure packages cross the border with no issues.

4. Technology Integration: Using advanced logistics software to reduce errors and improve efficiency. Our technology allows us to communicate to the carriers, customs and the last-mile carrier in the US, improving efficiency and decreasing costs.

Shipping times vary depending on the service selected:

Standard Shipping: Typically takes 3-7 business days.

Expedited Shipping: Generally takes 1-3 business days.

Express Shipping: Usually delivers within 1-2 business days.

Factors such as the destination of the package and the preferred shipping carrier can influence these times.

The cost to ship from Canada to the US can be influenced by several factors:

1. Package Weight and Dimensions: Heavier and larger packages cost more to ship.

3. Shipping Speed: Faster shipping options are more expensive. Express shipping costs more than expedited shipping, which costs more than standard shipping.

4. Shipping Carrier: Different carriers offer varying rates and services. Some carriers offer more visibility in tracking, better service, ID checks, signatures etc. The more work done by the carrier, the higher the cost (generally).

5. Destination: Costs can vary based on the distance to the destination and whether it is a rural or urban area. Delivering to a major metropolitan area with an established courier network and familiar addresses is often cheaper than rural areas. The closer the destination is to the origin postal code, the cheaper it is.

Volume Discounts: Higher shipping volumes can qualify for discounted rates. The more you ship, the cheaper your rates are for each individual package.

It depends. If the package you are shipping from Canada to the US has a value of less than $800 USD, it can cross duty-free into the United States via Section 321. For more information, check out our article on Section 321 fulfillment.

We handle customs clearance by:

1. Preparing Documentation: Ensuring all required customs forms and invoices are correctly filled out in preparation for border-crossing.

2. Compliance Checks: Verifying that shipments comply with US import regulations.

3. Brokerage Services: Partnering with customs brokers to facilitate smooth clearance and minimize delays.

For safe and secure shipping, use:

Sturdy Boxes, Bubble Mailers or Polymailers: To protect items during transit.

Void Fill: Such as bubble wrap, kraft paper or packing peanuts to cushion items. This is particularly important when shipping glass or fragile goods.

Clear Tape / Water Activated Tape: To secure the packaging. Water activated tape provides a sustainable option if that is a selling-point for your products.

Yes, tracking is available for 247's shipping services. When orders are fulfilled by our warehouse team, tracking numbers get automatically passed back to your store and to your customer, where they can track the package's journey from start to finish for standard, expedited or express options. Some carriers provide photo confirmation upon delivery.

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