Why 247 Fulfillment is Among the Best 3PL Providers in Toronto


In the competitive landscape of logistics and supply chain management, 247 Fulfillment stands out as one of the best 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) providers in Toronto. Our mission to provide hassle-free order fulfillment allows e-commerce businesses to grow their operations with complete confidence. Here’s why our combination of cutting-edge technology, client-focused services, and robust infrastructure makes us a top choice.

Customized Logistic Solutions

At 247 Fulfillment, we recognize the unique needs of each business. Our customized logistics solutions are designed to cater to these varied demands, allowing businesses to scale efficiently. From bespoke packaging options to specialized handling procedures, our services are tailored to ensure that every client’s requirements are met with precision.

Advanced Technology

Using the state-of-the-art inventory management software, Shiphero, we ensure flawless integration with our clients' online platforms. This system allows for real-time inventory management and order processing, ensuring that clients have complete visibility and control over their logistics operations.

Strategic Location

Our 25,000 square feet facility in Toronto, with 18’ high clearance for optimal storage and organization, is strategically positioned to leverage Canada’s robust transportation network. This location enables us to offer expedited shipping services, including next-day delivery within Ontario, Montreal, and Ottawa, and fast shipping options across North America.

Comprehensive Services

247 Fulfillment provides a full spectrum of 3PL services, including:

  • Warehousing and Inventory Management: We store and organize inventory efficiently, ensuring products are always ready for dispatch.
  • Order Fulfillment: From order receipt through our dedicated portal to the final shipping stage, we handle everything with utmost care and professionalism.
  • Return Management: Our streamlined return processes enhance customer satisfaction and make inventory restocking seamless.
  • Custom Packaging and Handling: We offer a range of packaging and handling options, including custom branding and special care for fragile items, reflecting our dedication to representing our clients’ brands perfectly.

Client-Centric Communication

We differentiate ourselves with exceptional client service, featuring a response time of less than 20 minutes to inquiries. Our clients enjoy direct communication through dedicated Slack channels with on-site account managers, ensuring any issues are resolved promptly and effectively.

Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions

Through strong partnerships with leading carriers, we offer competitive and aggressive shipping rates. Our clients benefit from significant cost reductions, sometimes up to 50%, alongside the fastest possible delivery times, including next-day expedited services to the U.S. and timely international shipments.


Choosing 247 Fulfillment means partnering with a 3PL provider that is not just a service but a strategic ally. Our commitment to technology-driven solutions, client-centered services, and operational excellence makes us one of the best 3PL providers in Toronto. Contact us today to find out how we can help elevate your business with superior logistics solutions.

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