How Many Cartons Fit on a Pallet | Max Cartons Per Pallet

how many cartons fit on a pallet max cartons per pallet

For shipping and storage, using pallet space efficiently is important for cost savings and transporting your products easily. Calculating how many cartons fit on a pallet ahead of time ensures that you maximize space without compromising the stability of your load. So let's get into it - what's the maximum number of cartons per pallet?

Step-by-Step Guide to Calculate How Many Cartons Fit on a Pallet

Determine the Pallet Dimensions:

Standard pallet sizes can vary by region, but the most common size in North America is 48 inches by 40 inches (1219 mm by 1016 mm).

Measure the height available (or contact the recipient) for stacking cartons. Heights will vary depending on a shipper / receiver's requirements, how you plan on storing pallets etc. but let's assume a typical pallet height of 60 inches (1524 mm).

Measure the Carton Dimensions:

Measure the length, width, and height of the cartons you plan to place on a pallet. For example, let’s assume each carton is 12 inches by 10 inches by 8 inches (12" x 10" x 8")

Calculate Cartons per Layer:

Divide the pallet's length by the carton’s length to get the number of cartons that will fit along the pallet's length. For a 48-inch pallet length and 12-inch carton length:

Number of Cartons (Length-Wise) = 48/12 = 4

Divide the pallet's width by the carton's width to get the number of cartons that fit along the pallet's width. For a 40-inch pallet width and 10-inch carton width:

Number of Cartons (Width-Wise) = 1040 ​= 4

Multiply these two numbers to get the total number of cartons per layer:

Cartons per Layer = 4 × 4 = 16

Calculate Number of Layers:

Divide the pallet's height by the carton's height to determine how many layers of cartons can be stacked. For a 60-inch pallet height and 8-inch carton height:

Number of Layers=860​=7.5≈7
(since you can’t have a half-layer)

Total Number of Cartons:

Multiply the number of cartons per layer by the number of layers: Total Number of Cartons=16×7=112

Practical Considerations

Weight Distribution: Ensure the pallet can handle the total weight of the cartons to avoid cartons to avoid any breakage or structural problems. Also ensure that your pallet weight is below your recipient's maximum pallet weight for receiving, stacking etc.

Stacking Stability: Properly align cartons to maintain a stable and secure stack. Consider interlocking patterns for more stability. The more stable the pallet, the easier it is to ship, unload, stack and store.

Regulatory Compliance: Be aware of any shipping or storage regulations that may affect stacking practices, including maximum height restrictions and weight limits. Different recipients will have different maximum weights and heights. Take time to collect that information ahead of time so you can meet their requirements.

Next time you're preparing a shipment, take some time to figure out how many of your cartons will fit on a pallet. Also consider the practical points above to ensure that your products arrive safe and sound to your recipient.

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