Think about it. If you're getting a few orders a day on your e-commerce website, and you're not drop shipping, then you're gonna have to be the one holding the inventory, packaging the item(s) yourself, going to the post office (unless they come to you if you're doing volume) and expending your energy.


     Why not outsource this process so you can have extra time in your day to do whatever you want? You can spend this extra time on your business, or even taking a vacation, or sleeping in. Imagine only flipping open your laptop, wherever you want to be, knowing that your orders are being sent out to your customers without you having to do anything - other than handle the customer service, or just focusing your efforts on marketing your products.


     Let's say you get 10 orders a day. And let's say it takes you 5-6 minutes to package up 1 order. That's around 60 minutes a day. An hour a day - which is 7 hours a week. That's 28 hours a month. Which equates to 336 hours a year. This means you spent 14 entire days packaging and shipping your products. And you haven't even hit your maximum sales potential yet. What are you gonna do when you get 20 orders a day? Spend your whole life fulfilling your orders?


No, an intelligent entrepreneur would outsource this process to a trustworthy 3PL, like 247 Fulfillment. Let's get you started and fulfill your orders for you.


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