We all know how expensive shipping can be, especially in Canada. Canada Post rates are high and eat away at your profits. Items shipped from Canada to USA can be up to $20. Yet at the same time, items shipped from China into Canada can be as low as $3 for the same item. It makes no sense, and is unfair to the Canadian entrepreneur.

Therefore, to deliver more value to customers, we have created partnerships with third party shipping brokers that negotiate cheaper shipping rates for shipments we send from our warehouse. That means your items cost less for us to ship out. 


Now, not only do you get the extra value service of us handling your inventory, packaging & shipping orders on your behalf - BUT, you also get cheaper shipping rates, allowing you to rake in more profits for your sales. 


You spend tons on Facebook ads, Google ads & email marketing. Why not keep more of those profits for yourself? Let's get you set up with a reputable 3PL, like 247 Fulfillment, to ship your items out cheaper & faster for your customers.

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